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My Peace of Space



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Mind, Body, and Home

What if I told you that you could create a space that promotes mindfulness and encourages relaxation? 


Once you become more aware of the design elements you bring into your space, you will begin transforming your lifestyle to achieve grounding, balance, and support.

From choosing the perfect layout, color palette, furnishings and decor, to selecting the ideal set of healing crystals and plant pairings to suit your needs and lifestyle, you can create your home sanctuary with my support and guidance.

Design Studio Principal

Danni Sinclair

As an architecture graduate and yoga instructor, foundations and holistic wellness principles are fundamental to me. I want to share the lessons I've learned along my journey in my yoga practice and my decades-long design career to help you improve the wellness of your space.

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My Clientele

I love working with healthcare, fitness & beauty and wellness professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as individuals in Las Vegas NV, California, and Arizona who are passionate about holistic health. 

Learning from my clients and being able to integrate holistic tips along my own wellness journey is a huge bonus for me!

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Is your energy feeling a little off and you don't know why?

Cleansing your space of stagnant energy can help you create a more positive and harmonious environment, more conducive to relaxation and productivity. Use this handy guide to reset your home's energy in less than a week!


Client Love

Stephaine R. says,

Danielle was absolutely amazing she helped design the perfect living area to match my style and budget! It was so great being able to chat throughout the process and have good feedback. She really helped put both the living area and dining area together with our open layout. I will definitely collaborate with her on future projects. 

Morgan L. says,

I was very impressed by all her knowledge and ideas in regard to interior design. I reached out to Decohous for help with y open space with my new house! Customer service and follow-up with me was excellent! I will reach out with upcoming projects that I have in mind for my new home in the near future and will definitely refer Decohous with all my friends and family. Thank you!

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Client Love

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