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Bohemian Interior Design Style

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Bohemian design is generally inspired by those who lead a free-spirited and unconventional life. They tend to be nomadic, spiritual, creative and eco- conscious.


Bohemian design has become mainstream the past few years and while it can be popular no two styles are exactly alike. Bohemian design is all about incorporating many different styles, philosophies and cultures from many different parts of the world, and ways of life. The result is a diverse eclectic style. Bohemian design is outside the box; it's random, eclectic, and lacks real structure and order. Almost every space is layered to help create a room that's bright in color and pattern, feels cozy and inviting, and contains plenty of items that have some sort of value to you and tell a story. Art, books, sculptures, pillows, lamps—anything that resonates with you.

Color and Patterns

The palette leans heavily on neutral earthy tones (beige, browns and greens) and brings in jewel tones, and metallics. The pattern of bohemian textiles come from exotic places from around the world, like Persian rugs and South East Asian Ikat or Kinte and Ankara prints from Africa.

Bohemian design is about not being afraid to mix and layer styles. Colors and patterns don't necessarily have to go together. The combination and layering in unusual ways are what makes them unique.


Bohemian textiles tend to feel warm and cozy. Fringe, crochet, macramé and burlap mix with higher end silks, chenille and faux furs.


Bohemian furniture isn't usually found mass produced on online sites. Pieces are collected over time and are usually vintage, secondhand, or bought from local artisans. Chairs and couches tend to be plush, comfortable and inviting a sit back and lounge around kind of vibe. Bohemian design mixes old and new. Vintage, second-hand pieces can be placed next to something totally modern. A sleek table could hold a lamp with a beaded shade, or a clean-lined chair could have a fringed, patterned throw draped over it. The idea is that not everything needs to go perfectly together but a relaxing vibe.

Natural & Handmade

Because bohemian design is inspired by artists and it emphasizes the unique, you'll usually find various handmade items in a boho space. These could be textiles, sculptures, or paintings, each helping to foster individuality.

In addition to the handmade, you'll also find plenty of natural elements in the form of fabrics, like burlap, jute and sisal, as many plants. Filling a room with potted plants, hanging plants, succulents, and ferns help bring the outdoors in and creates a calming aesthetic in your space.

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