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Eclectic Interior Design Style


Personality Type

· Are you bold and not scared to show your bravery?

· Do you like to go beyond something usual?

· Do you like mixtures and combinations of different styles?

If your answer is YESSS to all the above questions, you are definitely going to love Eclectic theme of interior design.

Eclectic interior design is a style that includes elements from a variety of different design styles into a single space. It has a simple combination of furnishings and décor that incorporates a range of styles. Eclectic décor frequently includes surprising components.


The color scheme can be bold and varied, however, keep a few neutrals to help tie everything together. Eclectic does not have a lot of bright colors in it. Typically, the background color is light, with natural colors (both saturated and pastel tones) dominating the furniture and décor.



Keep in mind that your eye needs a spot to rest for eclectic design style. Leave some vacant areas on shelves and tables. It’s not always about how you show. It’s sometimes about what you leave.


The variety of materials, whether patterned, textured, or both, contributes to the eclectic aesthetic. Choose a color scheme and stick to neutral as your base, then layer in colorful and textured solids, patterns, and trimmings, as well as tassels or fringe.


Textures help in creating a specific mood: Eclectic leans toward natural materials’ simplicity and traditional oriental design, as well as geometric and ethnic patterns. Plain curtains, sofas, and bed sheets can be used.



The beauty of the eclectic design style is that you can do whatever you want with it. Adding many lighting sources to your living space and arranging them as desired. You may choose a stunning flush mount ceiling light to convert your living room into a truly unique space.


Another fun and creative method to achieve wonderful eclectic theme is to mix and match different furniture design styles. Consider tufted seats next to an ultra-modern coffee table, or a Victorian fireplace with an Art deco mirror. Take use of elements you currently have in your home and contrast them with new items.

Finishing Touches

Add baskets, bookshelves and card table to give a final touch. Making an eclectic living room is one of the most exciting yet challenging home design tasks you’ll ever do. However, if you focus your time and attention on what you want to create, you will undoubtedly produce a beautiful design that your entire family will enjoy.

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