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How to Love Your Home More by Spending Less

Stop comparing your home to others.

It’s so easy to fall into the HGTV, Instagram, or TikTok rabbit hole of home decor. While these resources can certainly be a great source of inspiration, be mindful of negative thinking patterns while you are consuming from these channels. I can assure you no one’s home looks ANYTHING like what they post online. I know first hand it takes a great deal of rearranging, staging, lighting and, timing to get those Pinterest-worthy posts. Remember the internet is not real & everything is staged for beauty and not function.

Practice gratitude.

Perhaps you don’t have the house of your dreams, yet. But maybe it has the best morning light that gets you inspired and ready for your day. Instead of considering what you don't have focus is what is good. What is working well for you now and what would you miss later if you moved? Remember a home is not just a physical place it is also the people and experiences with whom you share it.

Clean and Declutter.

It’s hard to love a messy home. Start decluttering and organizing today. This doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Try decluttering one object a day until you have the home you desire. OR practice clearing one shelf or countertop at a time. Be slow, steady, mindful and over time your clutter will begin to whittle away. I just finished a 30-day decluttering challenge and my whole mindset has shifted when it comes to what I‘m choosing to keep in my home.

Shop your home.

Something so simple as moving a light from one corner to another can drastically change your whole room’s appearance. Try bringing a bedside table into the living room for additional storage. Free up some living room space by moving an accent chair to your entryway. Bring your bedroom wall decor out into your dining room to change up the palette and completely change the vibe. There are many items that we become complacent with in our homes simply because we are used to them. By playing around with the layout and items in your home you are opening up yourself to endless possibilities.


Give dated pieces of furniture a second life with new upholstery or a fresh coat of paint. Pinterest and Tiktok have so many clever and affordable upcycling ideas. And with the current shipping delays on furnishings, you may be able to refurb months before a new piece can be delivered.

Shop thrift stores for decor.

I always thrift accessories and decor. Pop into one of your local thrift stores you will be surprised by the many unique items you can find. You may even luck up and find a few treasures and gems. Even if you don’t thrifting is a great way to switch up your accent pieces for a new season or a change of spirit. It will only set you back a few bucks and if it doesn't work out you can donate it right back.

Hang art.

Art is personal and doesn’t have to be expensive. Shop local artists at farmers' markets Frame sentimental items such as postcards, concert tickets, or Broadway playbills. Buy used art books from the library and frame some of your favorite pages. Print pics in large-scale black and white Engineering prints for a fraction of the cost at Staples. Rotate your art frequently. Framing is expensive, however, the best place to buy custom frames is the thrift store. You don’t have to like the art within the frame. It can be easily switched out with your own.

Add a plant.

Plants are my go-to for an instant pick me up. They instantly liven up your space. The act of caring for a plant to ensure it thrives is so therapeutic. Research plants before you bring them home to make sure you can offer them an ideal setting. The process of watching a new plant baby grow and flourish is amazing.

Add some scents.

Bring in some scented candles, burn some palo santo, crank up the essential oil diffusers or use all-natural room sprays for quick and easy ways to uplift the mood of your home. Be mindful of how your home smells upon entry and if you may need to make some micro-adjustments. I used to store the dirty dishtowels in the laundry room/ mudroom until wash day. I later realized that was the source of thse musty odor when I came in from the garage. Now I just wash them every few days.

I dive into all of these suggestions and more with my clients in my Premium Design services. If you’re ready to fall in love with your home again, I’d love to be able to help you. Schedule a free discovery to discuss some options.

Danni Sinclair is a certified interior designer

and yoga teacher who seeks to help busy

millennials ground their interior home spaces

into well-supported environments.

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