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Mid-Century Interior Design Style

Personality Type

· Do you consider yourself noble and charming?

· Do you like comfort and warmth but can also be a bit rigid?

· Do you like different combining styles, colors, and shapes?

If your answer is YESSS to all the above questions, get ready to binge your favorite season of Mad Men and get inspired by Mid-Century furniture (season 4 btw).

Several elements describe the Mid-Century Style. Clean lines, soft organic curves, and a curiosity for innovative materials and shapes highlight the style. This style comes from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s and has endured disasters such as uprooting and damage caused by wars. However, the quality of this specific design is ageless and admired by everybody even now.


This style has several particular features, such as a classic, simple appearance and clean lines with minimum complication. The space should be clear both organic and geometric elements.


Colors can range from neutral to gold to graphic, such as black and white. In dramatic tones like orange or rust, a mid-century living room might be imagined. Colors like bright yellow, turquoise, and other primary colors are allowed in other rooms.


The Mid-century style uses wood and non-traditional materials including metal, glass, vinyl, and plywood. Graphic print wallpaper and statement canvases that are large, bold make the focal point of the space.


Lighting is a key component that is often strong and innovative. Hanging lights with an aesthetic function are common in this design. Multiple lights, whether floor lamps or table lamps are also welcomed. Tripod floor lamps also go in well with this kind of decor.


This style’s furniture is made primarily of wood. The nicest aspect is that the furniture doesn’t have to be perfectly coordinated. Bold textiles with geometric patterns and lines are used in the furniture. The couches with patterned cushions can be used to keep the design going. The egg chairs are an iconic choice for your furniture, and if you have one, you are in 60s mid-century style. They’re also a sign of elegant style and charm these days, and they’re also more reasonable to buy.

Finishing Touches

The style has less clutter and focuses more on large, luxurious pieces of furniture than smaller, cheaper knick-knacks, thus it doesn’t have a lot of accessories. Use a few vintage accessories scattered throughout the room, such as on the coffee table. Place plants in the area offer more character and style.

Like what you see in this mood board? Book a consultation to see how to bring Mid-Century design into your space for less.

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