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Minimalist Design Style

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Personality Type

  • Do you love making to do lists, shopping lists, any kind of list? And, does organizing every aspect of your life have a strangely therapeutic appeal?

  • When it comes to money, you don’t hesitate to splurge on an item you absolutely love, but you still want to be getting the best deal, right?

  • Would you rather be clean and functional over decorative?

  • Do you hate clutter at home, but also clutter extends to the people in your life? You like to surround yourself with only people who matter most to you.

If you answered YASSSS GIRL! to those questions you might love minimalist design.

Minimalism is becoming popular these days because of its simplicity. Yay, Marie Kondo. There is an absence of clutter in minimalism. There are lots of empty spaces and a neutral color scheme. It provides a relaxing environment. It is also an organized lifestyle with minimal high quality thing. Think Less is More.


In minimalism there is plenty of open space in the home. The idea in minimalism is to have an open and wide space in the rooms in order to achieve a relaxing and calm environment.


Clear and clean lines accentuate the home's architecture. Let the focal point be the view. Keep the furniture simple and remove all unnecessary or unwanted items. Use one or two indoor plants to complement a piece of art. The decor often features flat, smooth surfaces and minimal patterns or ornate details.


Use geometric forms in minimalist designs. Everything used like decor, accessories, furnishings etc must be functional, purposeful and simple in design.


Use neutral and light color since they are calm and cool tones that help create the visual concept of more space. Bright and bold colors are usually not acceptable for minimalism, but a properly selected pop of color can be used to maintain a consistent look throughout the house.


Texture used in walls and flooring should be plain and simple in minimalist design. Adding texture to the walls is a good visual element, but the texture should be carefully selected tiles, wood or faux stone with neutral color tones to fit into the minimalist decor easily.


Natural light is always beneficial in minimalist design. It helps to provide warmth and coziness in the room or area. Light also helps the rooms to look bigger and spacious.

Find out how you can enhance the Minimalist look into your space here!

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