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Modern Coastal Interior Design Style

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Personality Type

· Are you fond of traveling?

· Do you like the sun, waves and beaches?

· Do you want to bring nature to your house?

· Do you like natural colors that give a calm and relaxed feel?

If your answer is YESSS to all the above questions, you will definitely like the Coastal theme for interior design. Coastal decor is a beach-inspired interior design that incorporates delicate light, a soft color palette that includes blue and light blue, an airy vibe, natural textures, and a few beach- or sea-related products and themes.

It’s a windy and pleasant summer all year!


The sun-bleached white of tropical sand, the blue and light-blue colors of the sea, sandy beige, beach-pebble grey, and the yellow, orange, or red of a sunset by the sea should all be present in the palette of a true coastal home.


Use clean lines and if you have beautiful hardwood floors or simply don’t like the look or feel of a floor rug, don’t worry. Bare boards can be seen in some of the world’s most beautiful coastal interiors.


If you want to easily accomplish a beach house feel, you must opt for a minimalistic open plan layout with sleek and streamlined furnishings. Reduce the number of colors and make it simple. To stay linked to the beach vibes, add small flashes of aqua in between all the white.


As a result, coastal interior designs are naturally light-filled and lively. Increase the size of your windows to let in as much natural light as possible, or make a statement with a giant mirror that doubles the light. Use most of the natural light wherever possible.


The ideal textures for coastal décor are cotton and linen, which may also be used for sitting slipcovers (a very popular element in this style!) One of the two simplest methods to emphasize this décor is with sheer curtains.


Coastal furniture is relaxed, comfy, and clutter-free. Natural rattan and wicker furniture is popular, but too much of a good thing might feel a little too busy. Slip-covered furniture in light cottons and linens is an excellent choice for adding dimension and maintaining the open and breezy vibe.

Finishing Touches

While using coastal theme for interior designing, use minimum accessories and maintain clutter-free home. Use white shades to maintain an overall coastal theme.

Set up a Free Virtual Consultation to learn how you can enhance the coastal look into your space!

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