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Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Style


Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse decor! It seems to be everywhere.

Why do people love the barn doors or country style so much?

Farmhouse decor is the combo of comfort, coziness, and warmth. Earth, wood, and rustic furniture are the main three elements of it. But modern farmhouse decor is a little bit different from classic farmhouse decor. It does evoke the traditional cozy and comfy vibes but there is a lot less showcase of those traditional rustic and shabby-chic furniture and instead of that you will see more of the contemporary neutral hues and industrial lined furnishings.

Think of modern farmhouse design as if a charming barn were renovated as a sleek downtown cafe.

Main elements of modern farmhouse decor

Country chic is another name to describe modern farmhouse decor. French country, Tuscan, rustic, and shabby-chic are the signature looks of this decor. Mostly organic materials like reclaimed wood, rustic iron, and weary paint are used to create the farmhouse feel. The one thing you will notice in farmhouse decor is everything used is completely tangible. There is no piece of fragility or sophistication in it. Everything has its purpose minimizing the clutter to zero.

You will see big comfy furniture, wooden ceilings and floors, logs and furniture, French cabinets, rustic iron accessories, and vintage accents in farmhouse decor.


How to get the Farmhouse look in your modern home?

If you are looking for that perfect vintage classy farmhouse look but you are afraid to lose your modern style, let us give you some tips on how to complement farmhouse style with a modern look.

The one key factor that you need to keep in mind before going for a makeover is farmhouse style is all about comfort and coziness. Your home needs to give that appeal to sit on that couch and enjoy a happy family time around that coffee table.


Key points to follow for your dreamy farmhouse makeover:

· If you are on a tight budget, changing wall color is the easiest solution to achieve the look. Choose contemporary earthy hues like beige, white, cream color and complement them with some fresh colors.

· Mix and match all the essential elements of fabric, wood, mud, or ceramic, iron in all your home accessories starting from the floor to the ceilings, passing to the furniture.

· Do not bombard your place with vintage and antique items and try to avoid dark wood shades.

If you have made your mind, then go for it. Set up a free consult to guide you through the process.

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