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Modern Luxury Interior Design Style

Personality Type

  • Do you consider yourself sophisticated and elegant?

  • Do you like clean lines and bold statement pieces that are comfortable and elegant?

  • Do you hate clutter at home when you are spending time with your loved ones?

  • Do you like designs that incorporate wood, granite, marble or gold?

If your answer is YASSSS SIS! to all the above questions, you are definitely going to love modern luxury interior design.

While most interior designs have more features and accessories as identifying characteristics. Less is More is frequently used in modern luxury interiors. Less clutter and frills result leave room for high-end products that leave a bigger and bolder impression.


Neutrals colors such as grey, black, white, brown, taupe, beige are examples of modern colors. Bold colors like reds, purples and other jewel tones are typically associated with luxury. Mix in a few metals finishes such as chrome, rose gold or brass and you have a perfect recipe for a luxury design.

Choose a 3:2 color ratio to get a modern luxury aesthetic, with 3 representing modern colors and 2 representing luxury colors of your choice.


Sturdy materials like cotton, linen, and silk, as well as leathers and colored fabrics, will be used in modern luxury design. You can even use a finely woven fiber carpet or rug on the floor and position a sofa and dining table on top of it. This would give an elegant touch. Take care not to overload the textures, since this will destroy the overall appearance.


Another feature of modern lux design is the removal of curved or complicated elements with straight and clean lines. This is an excellent opportunity to maximize your available space. L-shaped sofas and rectangular dining tables are examples of furniture with few adornments.


A room’s interior wouldn’t be complete without a matching set of lights; here, grand lighting. Most modern luxury homes have modern chandeliers or drop pendants that combine straight and intersecting parts to create a showstopper.


Simple, yet bold furniture pieces are required in modern luxury homes. A full living room showcase that includes either an armchair, a three-seated sofa, or even a sectional sofa that makes up the overall seating area. Include a coffee table with solid or glass counter tops supported by steel or metal frame. Dining tables are the most common pieces seen in this type of interior.

Natural Finishes

Apart from metallic and jewel tones, smooth natural materials such as stone, wood, granite, marble, and concrete are used extensively in modern luxury interiors. Using stone and natural components creates a bolder, more elegant appearance. The greatest aspect of having these pieces is that they will survive longer and may be used in several unique designs.

Finishing Touches

To make it truly yours, you’ll need a few accessories, like with most spaces. Accessories such as modern vases, modest figurines, or even statement artworks would be required with modern luxury interiors.

If you want to bring a luxury touch to your space. Find out how!

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