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Pink Salt Rock Inspired Under-the-stairs Meditation Room

Under the Stairs Meditation Room Transformation

You’ve been meditating for some time now, you have some space and you are ready to create your own private meditation area. Why not add a dose of excitement to the space so it becomes an area of the house you look forward to going to every day? Do you have a small space or awkward area of your home you just don’t quite know what to do with? We have lots of these areas usually in hallways, in our rooms over the garages or attics, and under our stairs. They are design leftovers that the builders didn’t think through and just left them for us to get creative with. These are perfect opportunities for meditation spaces. Find out how I created a meditation room from a room under the stairs in the steps below.

Create a Calming, Pink Crystal Meditation Room

Everything begins with a dream.

The challenge was an old dingy spandrel or closet under the stairs that was being used for storage. The issue with these paces is they are awkward in shape and size so they quickly become cluttered due to their lack of functional area. This space was holding mostly toy storage and outerwear. The kids were having a hard time keeping it clutter-free so it was time for an overhaul.

After scouring the internet for ideas I couldn’t find any so I decided this was one I had to curate from scratch. I created a mood board with the idea of a salt lamp or salt cave as the main theme. I wanted it to feel as though you were actually inside of the salt crystal.

I’m really big into peel & stick wallpaper right now and this is such a small area I thought this was just the perfect amount of space for such a project. I found the perfect pink speckled terrazzo wallpaper from TEMPAPER. It couldn’t get any closer to a salt crystal.

While I was waiting for the wallpaper to arrive, I pulled up the dingy carpet and replaced it with a rustic maple vinyl plank flooring that was used throughout the rest of the house.

Painting Pink Ombre

I decided to paint the rest of the room a light shade of pink. Pale neutral tones are the best choice to create a soothing space. Pink is a soothing color that also emotes compassion, nurturing, and love. I didn’t want to paint a flat shade of pink. I wanted to incorporate all the shades of the salt crystal so I tried pink ombre and it came out so awesome. I will follow up with an ombre tutorial soon. I am so happy with the results. When going with an ombre wall texture you will need 3-4 different shades of one tone. Think of how the paint chips come with 3 or 4 tones and you can basically use that. I wanted the top of the room to be more of a white tone so I custom chose each color.

Simply put, you paint each color in sections from light to dark and blend where the two shades meet.

Things take forever for delivery these days, so I headed to my favorite budget retailers to find decor items to fill the space. Homegoods, Marshalls and ROSS! I sourced a plushy rug, a small meditation stool, and a backrest pillow, along with a statue, an oil diffuser, and some artificial succulents. Since the room is all pink I decided to go with white and grey accents but there was just one more pink element I couldn’t refuse. A pink agate-look lamp. It was just spot on.

Terrazzo Wallpaper

The wallpaper did take about 4 hours to install which was longer than I anticipated for such a small space, but I didn’t account for all the levels that needed to be cut into. Also, this Tempaper had no overlay area so it was really irritating to try to match up the edges.

After the wallpaper was installed I set up all the goodies and accessories to personalize it. I intend to add a few more multisensory items for the kids to have a safe space to unwind and calm down when they get into their moods. I really think it hit the mark how about you?

Wouldn't you love to get a cozy corner like this one? Find out how we can collaborate below.

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